The Gods as you all must know, are androgynous. Your own intuitive nature is, I am certain, reminded of this, when, perhaps you are meditating or simply daydreaming, and a problem, or invention is suddenly solved. A flash appears to unite two parts of you, and you shout 'eureka'. Astronomers have called the suns gelling agent-magnetism. We will call it love.
It was this skill with fire and water, learned slightly accidentally that was going to be useful in future, as every time man got too big for his boots, they would extinguish him with fire and water.
These cycles of cleansing have been induced since the seed of man was sown on the planet soon after its inception 4 billion years ago. Then he was a projected eye of the gods, seeing and sending back messages to them. You could say they were the god's spies. Hearing all, seeing all and saying much, in the form of clairvoyant images. Like the Egyptian forehead snake they were able to enter the atoms of the forming planet and relay its condition back to the twelve. When they needed more spies they simply divided the eyes by the power of thought.
Long before they sent a dinosaur down they created man in their own image which was on the fourth dimension. Because its central brain was this atom-penetrating eye it was a natural step for it to 'fall' by solidifying at the same speed that the atoms of the earth were.