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This is not NORMAL MEDITATION. Sarah Lonsdale from The Independent on Sunday said "IDC does not hypnotise, I know, because I have been!"

Normal meditation is designed to keep you moderately calm in the stewpot of hell as is religion - from the Latin -'to bind.'

Be like Sarah, have courage, ask for help and climb out of the stewpot!


Written by an Academy Prize Winner, Looking for Sacred Sex Through Innerdimensional Consciousness is a Compelling New Book Which Seeks to Regain the Sexual Energy of Youth by Cultivating the Mind of a Magician .

This book contains over 500 pages, including approximately 200 illustrations, of inspiration which can help you to remember who you are, where you come from, and why you are here.

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Ron Atkin Artist Author Poet

20 poems published 2012 in a book called 'TEN OF THE BEST' ISBN 978-0-85781-216-2


Cover design and Editing by Tina Davis-USA


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"Many have been burnt at the stake for the wisdom revealed in this book. And many more searched in vain for an entire lifetime to uncover secrets that forever evaded them. And in these books, we readers, become privy to the secret of the ages, so guarded that its keepers were sworn to secrecy - one only has to look at ancient architecture to realise that these magnificent works pointed to these ancient truth, regarding the true origin of man, and his purpose in this current embodiment. The truths that the students of Pythagoras spent 5 years in silence to MAYBE one day be given, are given to you here, in layman's terms - Isaac Newton and Leonardo Da Vinci wrote volumes trying to uncover these secrets! The genius of Hippocrates, Plato, and many other great ones, was due to the application of what is revealed in these pages." Doctor at a London Teaching Hospital ISBN 978-0-9572099-0-9

This wisdom was burnt after Constantine conned his priests at Nicea in 325AD

"They did it, of course, by burning every book of the ancient wisdom which they could lay their hands on, and by persecuting all those (as for instance the Gnostics) who held to former aspects of the ultimate truth. Such an achievement would of course be quite impossible nowadays, but it was not quite so difficult before the general spread of education and the introduction of the printing press." Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding.


An Angelic Dream by RA



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One Large Watercolour in this 800 + collection chosen by a magazine art critic as one of the best of three paintings in Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

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Art, if it be anything, must be a quest of the spirit, a quest which is
conducted through the practice of producing outer visible
manifestations of inner, invisible, realizations. It is a magic instrument
for sensing the qualities of life - those qualities which lie outside the
realm of proof and precise measurement. Here lies its very virtue, and
its great importance in an age like ours with its scientific "stance" and
its materialistic viewpoints.



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The White Sea Scrolls From Russia With Love can be experienced on three levels: a ripping adventure, a mystical journey, or a spiritual experience.

It takes place on the White Sea in Russia in 1917 during the time when the White Monks were attacked and the Czar and his family were murdered. Now follow Al and Mel, a relation of Nelson's, and Captain Johnson as they travel between England, Switzerland, Egypt, and Australia to discover the fascinating world of Innerdimensional Consciousness.

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If Stephen Fry's SOULSCAPE looks like the picture above, what does yours look like?


Contact she lives on the beautiful Island of Tenerife.

Marie is a brilliant psychic SOULSCAPE 'viewer'

If you were thinking of buying a house you would first get it surveyed to make sure it hasn't go dry rot!

Perhaps you should get your SOUL checked out that it hasn't got what Stephen Fry is suffering from?

If there are any problems Marie can then provide you with the solution.

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